Change, Stress & Shape Management

First steps to a greater YOU!

This special wellbeing package stands on 3 pillars, and will give you an excellent start in implementing amazing new habits, while, on the way, will also help you achieve a better balance, energy and shape.

We propose you 3 sessions of 1h30min, on three important aspects that always work together:


1. 1h30 Change management:  Understanding why exactly change is difficult and foreseeing practical tools to assist you to put in place the changes you want in a smooth, non-aggressive, natural way. For good! 

2. 1h30 Stress management: 7 magic ways to fight stress every day naturally, and how to adapt them to your own life style. 

3. 1h30 Shape management: Are you happy with your current energy and shape? No matter what you're after (lose weight, get more energy, improve your body composition etc.) we have great tools to help you walk your way. 

Get a better understanding about how your body and mind works, and become your best doctor - for life!

Price: 220€​