When: Sunday, 22 March 2020 from 10h to 12h30

Where: O'Vive Wellbeing & Medical Centre

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Key aspects

-  feminine hormonal balance, energy & flow

-  aging & women metabolism

-  stress, impacts on your hormones and tools to deal with it


Advancing through life healthily & gracefully

Women are blessed with the amazing gift of bringing life, and together with it, they are also given the most complicated hormonal system that exists on Earth! 

Every decade, a woman's hormones ask for her attention and a change of focus, so that her entire life and health follow smooth, strong and healthy.

Starting at age 35yo and up to 55yo and beyond, the hormonal system of a lady unwinds gently to  prepare her for the transition that brings the end of her reproductive time. 

This transition, despite what we are told, can and should be smooth - and when it isn't, it can be helped naturally in so many ways. Nature took care of giving us tools and help, not only concerns!


Aging & ladies metabolism

If during the reproductive years a woman's metabolism and body temperature change more or less every 2 weeks, towards age 50 her body temperature and metabolism start becoming more steady. It is in fact an aspect that is meant to bring more balance, and that has great benefits at the level of physical energy, emotional stability and mental focus. Now... why, if we are naturally designed to be stronger and more balanced with age, do we hear all the time that after a "certain age" women face all sort of terrible symptoms related to their transition to menopause?! This transition is most of the times associated with weight gain, metabolic chaos, anxiety, bones and muscles vulnerability etc. 

It is NOT meant to be so. And adjusting your food, relaxation patterns and movement according to the moment you are in this transition will bring you powerful results - and smiles.


Stress... and how to fight it

Stress is one of our worst enemies and a main hormonal disruptor, and we all face it, in one way or another. It is a daily fight. Identifying the  source(s) of your stress and the resulted symptoms is crucial - but how about fighting them naturally and becoming more resistant to stress, just by eating the right foods and bringing slight adjustments to our life style and daily routines? 

It will make you stronger, by default! Not to mention healthier, as the right food will also boost your immune system and decrease whatever kind of inflammation in your body.

The food you eat 3 to 5 times a day has the amazing capacity to heal and support your hormonal system and general health. Learning what to eat and when, in accordance to how much and what kind of activity is planned for a specific day brings along balance, a better mind focus, more energy and a natural body weight optimization. 

In a world which is stressful enough, from so many points of view, and in which the retirement age is rather advanced, managing STRESS is crucial.  

A cocktail of holistic approaches will be also discussed, involving everything from food choices to body and mind daily awareness. 

...Because it's so relieving to be able to advance in age strongly and healthily and to be able to enjoy life, every day!



1. Ladies hormones & metabolism

...and how to navigate the changes!

2. Staying on the wave of your hormonal changes: 50+

3. Food solutions & body weight optimization

hormones supportive food, fight body inflammation with the right food choices, 


4. Life style awareness & daily wellbeing

water intake, sleep, relaxation, body & mind connection solutions

5. Stress and hormonal impacts

understanding stress and applying natural damage control tools

6. Discussion

Hosted By: Mihaela Ostafe

Nutritionist, coach & health adviser, Mihaela gives a practical twist to the dry aspects of micro and macro-nutrition, hormonal journeys and life style implications, and teaches you how to apply the general rules to your personal life, hormonal condition, cycle, energy, activity and training level - at all ages.

She focuses on examples and facilitates quick and natural learning, all in a warm and good mood ambiance.


O'Vive Wellbeing & Medical Centre

Rue De Spa 13, Brussels, 1000 Brussels Hoofstedelijk Gewest, Belgium


Sunday 22 March 2020, from 10h to 12h30