Stress & Time Management Training

Special Corporate Offer

At a personal level, we're all aware that stress is present every day in our life. 

We're also aware that, personally and professionally, stress plays a big, transformative role in our lives. We realize that we have limited time, each day, to do damage control on our stress levels - before it takes over our agendas... and even that thought can actually be stressful.

Fortunately, a good stress response is actually needed to balance life and time better.

And as we can't control everything and every day brings different fighting scenarios, we should also have different fighting strategies available.

From a team point of view, stress management is a daily, consistent and collective exercise

And that exercise CAN (and SHOULD!) bring better results, for the team as a whole, but also for each individual that is part of a team.  Delays are rarely there to make things better, thus a holistic, interconnected strategy on time and stress management is of great importance.

​Let's look together, from a true wellbeing perspective, at the big and small factors influencing our

stress and time management at work:

  • ​team prioritising
  • working in an open space
  • multilanguage environments
  • teleworking, distance communication
  • working on different time zones
  • meetings & meals

We'll approach tools and learn tricks to bring more calm and more time on your agenda: for the team, as well as for each team player!

We have 2 offers for you for a "Stress & Time Management" scenario:

1. Wellbeing Team Training (half-day)

2. Lunch & Learn Wellbeing workshop (1h training)

To receive a personalised offer or to learn more about the ones above, please contact Mihaela Ostafe at  +32 489 189 036 or via the link below.


Coach: Mihaela Ostafe

Sociologist specialized in communication studies, nutritionist & wellbeing adviser, Mihaela gives a practical twist to a series of dry aspects related to wellbeing - aspects that we many times happen to know at a theoretical level, but which keep giving us headaches in daily life.

She focuses on examples and facilitates amusing interactions, meant to make learning quick and natural.

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