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Dana (27.06.2018)


 I participated at few workshops organised by Mihaela and liked a lot the clarity with which she explained the most relevant elements about nutrition. I followed the detox programme she proposed, felt much better and appreciated her holistic approach of taking care of both body and mind. Finally I know Mihaela from the spinning classes and always loved the positive vibe she spreads around in the class. Definitely recommend! 

Irina (26.06.2018)


 Mihaela and Nicky are passionate about healthy living. You can feel that this project is actually the way they truly live and not about marketing. They make it look like living a balanced, active life is easy and they inspire everyone around them everyday  :) I recommend Mihaela's workshops to anyone that is willing to make a change for the better and learn quite some useful tips about (not) dieting. 

Diana (03.06.2018)


 I worked with Mihaela for a month, trying to improve my eating habits. My purpose was to regain my balance so that I can become pregnant. She helped me see what I didn't do right and how to correct my eating deficiencies. We communicated very well and she was very supportive. She is a real professional and she really wants to help others. Thank you very much for what you have offered to me! 

Cristina (13.07.2018)


 Michaela is an enthusiastic fitness coach and nutrition advisor. She is very sensitive to individual needs and preferences and really works with YOU to have the best possible results. I got great results in terms of meeting my objectives of reshaping-resizing and acquired life long nutrition learnings. She has a great sense of humour, so I was always really looking forward to our sessions