• Eat for energy!
  • Lose weight / Gain muscle
  • Apply the Autoimmune Protocol
  • Respect the seasonal resources
  • Hormones balance (women & men)
  • Increase training performance (in function of your sport)
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Reduce PMS
  • Readjust your food in the context of a health issue, or a life changing scenario

OFFER from 1 to 30th November 2019: 

18% discount on your bookings on nutrition counseling!!

45eur/session ( instead of 55eur)

..."Dieting", anyone?!

About why the so called "dieting", of any kind, doesn't work - neither for weight loss nor for supporting your health and wellbeing!

Learn how to adjust your food (and make it tasty!) in function of your daily changing goals and needs

Let's talk about the best food for YOU, TODAY. And learn how to adapt it to your needs of tomorrow!​​ 


How we work for the nutrition counseling: 

Step 1: Fill in our Nutrition & Activity journal (download) for 7-10 days and contact us to get a first appointment. 

Step 2: Send us back your nutrition journal 2-3 days before your appointment, together with whatever other relevant documents or information about your nutrition history (latest blood tests copy, diets you may have followed recently, short overview of your health history or conditions you suffer from). 

Step 3: The first appointment is a discussion over your current habits and possible changes you can make, options, personal preferences, your schedule and life style etc.

Step 4: A second appointment will bring you an overview of holistic changes to gradually implement in your life with kindness (or a personalized nutrition programme, in function of your situation), integrating your personal needs in terms of nutrition, orienting you towards the goal you want to achieve: losing weight, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, fueling for your training performance etc.

Step 5: If needed be, we can schedule punctual appointments to work towards your goals, as each programme is bringing a change to your body, thus your needs may also shift over time.