NICKY - mind & body coach - nutrionist

NICKY practices sports since a young age. He is a former European champion and medal winner in billiards, a sports where mainly mental and technical abilities are being tested. Alongside billiards he has always practiced passionately many other, more physical sports, such as cycling, running, badminton and strength training

His main beliefs are that each part of the body supports the rest, and a trained body and mind are inseparable, supporting continuously each other in creating amazing results. 

Nicky is a personal trainer, motivation coach and massage therapist, currently also giving Spinning classes in several clubs in Brussels and Zaventem.

He can assist you in Dutch, English and French.

Free of charge call-time with Nicky is available twice a week: get support and answers to your questions about healthy nutrition and physical training every Wed and Fri evening with Nicky, from 18h to 19h  (Brussels time) at +32 487 135 748 (call limited to max.10min!).