Ladies coaching, why...?!

Mihaela Ostafe

Coach, nutritionist and wellbeing advisor 

About female hormonal balance, health and wellbeing, and why ladies need a female-only, hormones-aware approach for their nutrition and physical training 


Eat & Train like a lady: natural support for your hormones


Sunday, 23 February 2020, 

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Balance & Hormonal Wellbeing for Ladies 50+


Sunday, 22 March 2020, 

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Fertility: natural, life-style boosters


Sunday, 26 April 2020, 

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1. Ladies training programs


Did you know that most training approaches currently on the sports market were tested on men-only, and some only, on menopaused women?

Why? It's because these categories of the population have the most stable hormones, and the testing is thus facilitated. Problem is, if you are a lady in your reproductive years (and you don't take the Pill) your hormones change every week.  So all these approaches have not been tested on you - but they are proposed to you, every day, in most sports centers.

Learn how to train according to your own body changes, metabolism and temperature changes, and give your body what it needs: your sports time will become more effective, will bring you results faster and make you stronger and healthier in long run.

2. Balanced, smart food


If you are a lady in your reproductive years (and you don't take the Pill), your hormones change every week.

Food is the most powerful influencer of your hormones - and as you're having between 3 and 6 meals a day, you get as many chances to support your hormones and achieve a better balance. Isn't that fabulous news? :)

Then, why would you eat random foods every day, when you can choose the foods that are best for you in a certain moment/ week of the month?

Don't worry, it's not rocket science, 

and the benefits will be paying off quickly!

3. Your cycle & your agenda


Did you maybe notice that sometimes a simple activity that you plan (like writing a report, or going out for an event, or simply going for a run) feels easier  in some moments than in others, no matter how much you enjoy that certain activity?!

It's because actually... It IS!

Your hormones are influencing your mind focus, your capacity to relate to others, your physical energy... basically everything you do.

There are some activities that you can't change (some work agendas, events already planned by others etc.) but there is a great part of activities that you can plan for, when is the right time for YOU. And doing so will get you the best out of each activity you get involved in! 

Let's make the right planning for you!

4. Improve your fertility


You've tried getting pregnant for some time, months or even years, and things don't seem to happen. You're thinking IVF? Or maybe you've already tried that, too?

Let's talk: there are many actions you can take to boost your fertility by simple life style changes, all naturally and in a non-invasive way!

5. Get rid of PMS symptoms


Monthly bloat? Headaches/ migraines?

Acne? Heavy bleeding? Painful periods?

All these are symptoms, indicating that your body and cycle are out of balance.


They are not "normal" and you 

definitely don't have to live with them!

Simple life style changes can reduce them and eliminate them,  stabilizing your energy throughout the month at the same time.

And remember: a regular, non-symptomatic cycle is a key health indicator for any woman!

6. Get off the Pill safely


No matter that you 're planning for a baby or not, you may have thought already that the Pill isn't a balanced or healthy presence in your life. 

Maybe you started to take it just for contraception, or maybe to get rid of some bothersome symptoms. 

Now that you want out, congrats! 

It IS the right choice for a balanced cycle and hormonal system, in long term. 

Afraid of the symptoms you may have when getting off the Pill? 

Let's talk and find the best ways for you to make your body stronger before you do it!

7. Healthy weight loss


Followed all sort of diets and still your weight hasn't stabilized, feeling frustrated and tired of this situation?

Did you try to adjust your food to your own lady cycle, while keeping a correct, daily macro and micro nutritional balance? It DOES work. And as it's respecting your own hormones, this approach isn't a diet, but a sustainable life style, that can be used all the time, non-aggressively and bringing you, slowly but surely, in the good shape you dream of.  It takes just a bit of time to understand simple rules of your physiology - and you won't struggle with this issue again!

8. Recover after pregnancy


Did  you know that for the entire period of breast-feeding, your cortisol levels remain higher than normal? It is a normal reaction of the body.

Moreover, for the following 9 months after giving birth, the body is fighting to re-create a new balance between all the endocrine organs. Your hormones aren't stable and can use specific, nurturing support, which involve the way you eat, your physical activities and efforts, as well as sleep and relaxation specific routines. It is not an easy time, but it is certainly an amazing and rewarding one, and taking care of you during these months will help tremendously your body to find a new, healthy balance and to set you to be a new, strong and energetic woman soon.

9. Stress and its impacts on your hormones


What is stress? 

Is there good stress and bad stress?

And how to react when facing it?

Many times the sources of our stress are outside our range of control, and rather unpredictable.

However, sometimes we can identify and control stress sources, and we can also predict them rather correctly.

There are specific responses that we can foresee, that can help our body, mind and emotions remaining in balance, or at least, finding it back easier.

Let's find the best responses for you, adjusted to your activity and personal life style!

10. 50+ specific adaptations


Menopaused, or not yet, however you're feeling that slowly but surely your body is changing its rhythm.  

There is so much that you can do to support your body effectively through this transition, to make yourself stronger and  eliminate symptoms due to a lower concentration of hormones in your flow, accompanied by a slower metabolism.

Let's talk about food adjustment, movement options in line with your hormones, adapted supplementation and relaxation technics which can bring you more balance, every day.

11. Teenage Lady, a bit confused about what's right for you?


Between 11 and 21yo your body goes, slowly, through amazing transformations. It is a long journey that makes you transition from a 1-clock system (circadian rhythm) to a 2-clocks system (circadian + female cycle) that you will be keeping for the following 30 to 40 years. 

These first 10 years are crucial for your future health and very important for your body to find its balance, to establish that amazing conversation between the all the hormonal organs in your body. It's a time that requires patience and guidance, good food for you and well planned physical training - rather than any conventional medication.

Most importantly: please stay away from any hormonal anti-conceptives and all hormonal medical interventions!!  

Irregular cycles for the first years is  just a normal part of the process - and acne, pain, migraine etc are just symptoms that can be treated with food and life style adjustments.

Let's plan things right for you, to assist your lady journey to be a healthy and harmonious one!



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