Ladies life style: smart moves for hormones support

When: Sunday 23 February 2020, from 10h00 to 12h30

Where: O'Vive Wellbeing & Medical Centre

Price: 28€

Key aspects

-  feminine hormonal balance, energy & flow

-  how to get rid of PMS symptoms

-  eat and train like a lady


About ladies metabolism...

Mihaela Ostafe

Coach, nutritionist and wellbeing advisor 

About ladies metabolism: 

food & physical training impacts on your hormonal balance

General description

No matter the age, the feminine physiology is different than the one of men.

From the fact that in the reproductive years, every week comes with its own specific hormonal spikes (for the follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual phases), to the fact that from her teenage, to top-fertility age, peri-menopause, menopause and to post-menopause a lady must deal with specific hormonal changes and impacts - which influence her daily energy level, mind focus and relationships. 


Food is about hormones - and physical training, the same


So, if our hormones change every week, why would we have the same breakfast throughout the month?!

Or, why would we train the same way every week?!

Mind focus and emotions respond to hormonal changes too, and once you understand better how your body functions, everything in your life, mood and health state gets to flow better, more fluid and in a natural way.

Come learn how to adjust your activities, your food and physical exercise in function of the moment you are in your life and/or month cycle (if/ when the case) - and get to understand how to optimize your energy level, digestion and mood, every day, no matter your age and changing hormones.

It will bring you a natural, smooth change of energy, implicit body weight optimization, and a fantastic knowledge of yourself, along the natural rhythm of your body. 

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Questions, or you need more info?

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Hosted by: Mihaela Ostafe


Nutritionist, personal trainer & adviser for general wellbeing, Mihaela gives a practical twist to the dry aspects of micro and macro-nutrition, and teaches you how to apply the general rules to your own personal lifestyle, hormonal condition, cycle, energy, activity and training level - no mater your age.

She focuses on examples and facilitates quick and natural learning, all in a warm and good mood ambiance.


O'Vive Wellbeing & Medical Centre

Rue De Spa 13, Brussels, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


Sunday 23/02/2020 - 10:00 - 12:30

Registration 23.02.2020