2KG OFF, EACH MONTH, FOR GOOD - until you reach your healthy weight (and how to stabilize it)

When: 29 September 2019, from 10h to 12h30

Where: O'Vive Wellbeing Center, Rue de Spa 13, 1000 Brussels

Price: 28€


"Dieting" isn't a sustainable concept, and many people learn this the hard way: after stopping the diet, in most cases one gets relatively quickly back the kilograms lost and sometimes even gains more weight, as the metabolism suffered in the meantime - the body just got a little lazier in burning fats and... weaker. Feeling tired, low and confused about different food choices, and even feeling guilty for eating the "wrong foods" it's the usual "after diet" state.

So, how to leave all this behind, for good?

Let's first learn how to shape your nutrition in function of who you are and what you do: there are general rules out there, but there is always YOU, unique - and you should always apply the rules in your unique way.  

Moreover, let's optimize weight-loss, while staying healthy, nourished well, in a good mood and energetic!

Consistency with this approach brings you a weight loss of averagely 2kg each month - which is a well sustainable and healthy weight loss expectation. Good news is that you can also maintain it - and we'll learn together how to stabilize your weight, once you reached your objective.

We'll approach:

- macro and micro nutrition bases​

- why and how to adapt your nutrition every day, in function of your every day, changing needs

- how to make sure that you lose fat, and not muscles

- how to increase your fat metabolism in a gradual, sustainable and stable way, with no aggression , frustration or hunger

- strategies, tips and tricks to assist your body and emotions in the process, while integrating better habits

This workshop will also bring you physical activity advice meant to bring you the results you want more effectively - but will mainly focus on food and nutrition habits changes.


Questions, or you need more info?

O'vive Medical & Wellbeing center

Rue De Spa 13, Brussels, 1000 Brussels Hoofstedelijk Gewest, Belgium


Sunday 29/09/2019 - 10:00 - 12:30



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